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Amacus is a difference-maker. Implemented with the help of one or more of our partners, it's an even bigger difference-maker.

        Sales 2.0 is the leading Sales 2.0 services company. Their CEO, Nigel Edelshain, first coined the term Sales 2.0. He's a highly respected thought leader on best practices in selling to Customer 2.0. Social Selling is one of Nigel's niches. His thoughts on how to engage with today's frazzled buyers are ground breaking, effective, and used by leading tech companies (including ours).

        Outside Technologies helps firms understand their greatest sales risks and opportunities, then builds powerful sales strategies and programs for executing them. CEO Andy Rudin has spent 20+ years of direct sales experience in software, services, and hardware in a variety of sectors. Andy is an acknowledged thought leader and sits on the editorial board of Customer Think.

        CRO Success advises Chief Revenue Officers on how to address their all-too-frequent problems of price discounting, on-boarding new sales hires to peak performance, and lengthening sales cycles. CEO Carl Moe's book, Sales Revenue System 2.0, outlines how CROs can best manage the four key drivers of revenue generation. 

        Partners In Productivity creates more effective sales organizations. Founder, Vanessa Fox, is an authority on sales enablement who's helped firms like SAP, HP, and Cognos improve results by aligning sales and marketing and quickly ramp new hires.

        Funnel Solutions enables firms to be world class in sales performance. CEO Stan White is the firm's lead coach + trainer. He's a consulting partner with Miller Heiman and a certified Math Marketing Funnel Coach. Stan has been finding ways to improve sales performance, business-to-business, for over 35 years.  

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