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Had the pleasure recently of hearing Neil Rackham share his thoughts on how to sell in a recession. A summary follows (the thoughts are his, the errors if any are mine). The deadliest selling mistakes, when times are hard:- chasing … Continue reading

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According to a recent Harvard Business Review Research Report,B2B sales is becoming a tougher job because of declines in: the % of leads agreeing to meetings the % of meetings progressing to presentations the % of presentations converting to sales … Continue reading

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In B2B sales, companies often make the mistake of thinking if only their message were to land in more places, their sales would improve. Prospects are treated like refrigerators at an italian pasta party. Companies throw content at them looking … Continue reading

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The fable of the Melting Iceberg outlines how to succeed in turbulent times. For any company concerned about its future, the fable’s points are well taken and well made. The fable shows that success depends on changing how people think … Continue reading

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Had an interesting chat yesterday with ‘Sally’. She’s a part-time Inside Sales Rep, working 1-2 days per week selling an on-line service. She’s been an amacus user for less than a month. She called to say how impressed she was. … Continue reading

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