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The Role of Creative Habits In the Craftsmanship of Sales Superstars

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The connections between sales superstars and craftsmanship continue to intrigue me. In The Creative Habit, renowned choreographer Twyla Tharp writes of the techniques she and other high performers use to be exceptionally successful.

The creative habits she’s found work best echo many of the things I’ve learned about sales productivity from the talks and writings of folks like Gladwell, Sennett, Senge, and Gitomer, amongst others. Those habits include: working hard, rituals of preparation, scratching with a child-like curiosity in an unending hunt for good ideas, building failure into the process (it has to happen for good ideas to emerge), feedback that makes it possible to see and acknowledge ruts, perfecting practice, and making your own luck by how practiced you are.

She contends practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice make perfect. It also sets the stage for luck to happen. Put another way, the luckiest amongst us are usually the ones who’ve most perfected and habitually practiced their best practices. An example: having honed to perfection what he practiced, Gary Player once noted that “the more I practice, the luckier I get.”

In Tharp’s experience, those who master these habits often have an epiphanic moment where they make a quantum leap forward in their ability and vision. It shows in their work. They’re constantly escaping their ruts and finding their groove, and having fun doing both - just like sales superstars.

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