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B2B Sales Superstars Have the Kid-Like Curiosity of Entrepreneurs

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Sales superstars often have a child-like curiosity that they apply in an unending effort to perfect their sales practices. Their approach to their work is inspiring for the effects it can have on those around them. In many ways, they’re classic entrepreneurs.

Irish Business Coach Elaine Rogers recently posted to Twitter this video reminder that everyone can make a difference when they take an entrepreneurial bent to tackling challenges they face. The key to this is remembering what it’s like to be a kid, with the curiosity and drive to conquer all. It underscores many of the points Twyla Tharp makes about the creative habits of the craftsmen amongst us.

Success in B2B sales, as in any craft, is not a function of how hard you try. It’s not about how often you practice. It’s how you grow from what you learn from what you practice. Entrepreneurs discover the possible from failing often, with an enduring curiosity. Just like sales superstars.

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