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Sales Productivity Is Ignited When Learning is Personalized

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In a recent TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson contends that too many people endure what they do and too few love what they do. Yet, when people love what they do, they excel + it’s simply not true of enough people. Robinson contends if we want people to be high performing, we need to ignite their passions + the key to doing so is more personalized learning. Too much of the way we now work centres on conformity. It’s modelled after fast food (where everything is standardized). It impoverishes learning + drains passion.

In Robinson’s view, what’s needed is just the opposite: more personalized learning done in ways which ignites peoples’ passions. Learning, provoked with feedback, which shows people that what they do matters + hones their craftsmanship, as in this example. It’s an approach in which people develop their own solutions, and own their own successes, leveraging talents they’ve always had.

The lesson arising for improving sales productivity? Reps will earn more when they can see the buyer impacts they’re having from the efforts they’re investing. It’s a highly personal story. When told to skilled, motivated Reps, continuous learning’s a given. It’ll be most pronounced amongst those with the curiousity to grow. Their work will still be hard work. But it will be more fun. Hard fun, but fun.

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4 Responses to Sales Productivity Is Ignited When Learning is Personalized

  1. Andy says:

    John: as one who has experienced "one size fits all" sales training, I can speak about its benefits and its limitations. In order to be successful, salespeople must differentiate themselves from competitors. They must stand out in a positive way. Why bludgeon them into rote conformity through group sales training that requires adherence to template methodologies and "sales process models?" I don't know the answer, other than to say it's what we know how to. But as I like to remind myself and my clients, "leave no answer unquestioned." I think your point to offer individual sales training to foster passion is well taken. Ever bought anything expensive from a passionless salesperson? Me neither.

    But personalized training requires something that most companies are loathe to admit that they lack: sales managers who can provide professional development on an individual level. That's a scarce resource, which is why mass-market sales training is alive and thriving. Companies need to change their perception that effective sales management means developing passion, and that means more than just rewarding and promoting managers for who know little more about motivation than simply how to issue a swift kick to the rear of salespeople.

    There's great opportunity for a new breed of sales managers who are more than "trainers" (or simply contract their services), but rather leaders who can instill passion within a sales force.

  2. John Cousineau, CEO, innovativeinfo says:

    Andy: Thx for your feedback. Mine on yours:

    >> … (need for) individual sales training to foster passion …
    Particularly, IMO, for results achieved from effort invested.

    >> … sales managers who can provide PD on an individual level …
    IMO, with personalized learning for individual Reps comes an emerging need for Managers to be(come) coaches. The best coaches will inspire the highest productivity.

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