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How To Get More Value From Sales Efforts

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In this podcast, Steven Forth and I discuss our respective takes on the importance of improving the effectiveness of sales conversations and pricing negotations.  This includes the importance of uncovering buyer value in improving both. We also discuss some of the fears and challenges firms need to overcome to achieve breakthough improvements in sales effectiveness.

Steven is the CEO of Leveragepoint, and a valued colleague. His mission is to use value-based pricing to transform the pricing function from a dampener on sales to an enabler of sales effectiveness. Mine is to use feedback on the buyer actions triggered by sales activities to transform sales productivity. This podcast is a window into some of the kinds of conversations which both Steven and I are involved in with our clients and with firms in our respective product eco-systems.
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If you’d rather read what we have to say than hear what we have to say,
a transcript of the podcast is available here
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