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It’s Easy to Reach Prospects If They See Value in Letting You Do So

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A fascinating conversation this week on Focus.com suggests that inbound marketing is now letting firms sit back, waiting for buying signals that warrant a call. Valued colleagues such as Trish Bertuzzi suggest it’s made it easier than ever to get prospects on the phone. In a sense, it is. But it’s not enough to ensure improved B2B sales productivity.

The choice to use phone vs. email to reach out to a prospect will *always* be less important, in my view, than how the method used resonates with buyers. Buyers don’t have any more time today than they had yesterday to field unsolicited, unfocused, interruptions to their day. I’ve seen emails sent to CXOs produce few conversations, and take a long time to do so. By contrast, I’ve also seen 1st emails sent to CEOs produce phone conversations within minutes. The difference? The thoughtfulness, timeliness, and relevance *to the buyer* of the unsolicited interruption.

I agree with points made in the Focus.com dialogue that the most effective ways to reach prospects are shifting. There are new methods + new tools emerging all the time. Buyers needs are changing all the time. Surely what we need is better metrics that help us understand, faster, what sales practices (including any imaginable combination of email, phone, and social triggers) for *my* business will produce the greatest funnel velocity with the highest Return-on-Effort from our sales + marketing efforts. On this, I need the metrics on my business to inform our practices. With such metrics, I then need the curiosity to test for the benefits of new practices that have worked well for others.

Is it clicks, calls, or courage that’s most needed to reach + engage with prospects?
My vote? Curiousity, with testing, proven with metrics.

Let me give one example. A client using amacus sent blast emails to her prospects which triggered some of them to click/ She waited for them to call her. They didn’t. After two months of waiting to converse with prospects, she began calling back those prospects who seemed especially interested. They took her calls. Conversations ensued. She followed up by emailing them details they requested. They clicked to retrieve those details. Further conversations occurred. And on and on it went.

Two things happened in the space of mere 30 days. First, she increased by 6X the number of buyer actions provoked from her sales efforts (as per the chart below). Second, as a by product of doing so, she closed her fastest deal ever.

Reaching prospects is getting easier. Creating value for them is still hard work. Done well, the reward is more than just an easier path to reaching them; the reward is earning their business.

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One Response to It’s Easy to Reach Prospects If They See Value in Letting You Do So

  1. barry braun says:

    Congratulations John: This is great recognition that sales people don’t want or necessarily need more administration, they need information on where there efforts will make the best impact.

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