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Exceptional sales performance requires exceptional buyer experiences

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Recently had the pleasure of gaining John Holland’s perspectives on the keys to high performing sales teams. The titles of John’s best-selling books, in many ways, nicely summarize his thinking. CustomerCentric Selling and Re-Thinking the Sales Cycle. A summary of our recorded 30 minute conversation:

In B2B Sales, It’s Striking What’s Changed + What Hasn’t
Since CustomerCentric Selling was published in 2002, buyer expectations + behaviors have changed; sales approaches typically haven’t. Research suggests buyers are now well on their way to making decisions before they want to speak with salesperson, yet effective salespeople are as important today as ever to helping buyers buy. Saavy firms have responded by helping their salespeople engage in meaningful business conversations with executives.

There Are Four Keys to Exceptional Buyer Experiences
Milestones, sales skills, messaging, and auditability.

Auditability Improves With Customer-Centric Metrics
Traditional subjectively reported data from salespeople are being replaced by real-time, objective, data based on buyer reactions to sales efforts. Real-time customer-centric metrics let firms spot and fix mistakes fast; they create fast auditability on what’s working and what isn’t. Saavy firms know these data function like a light in dark room; they reveal paths to success in sales performance. The reality checks that this enables are huge.

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