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The Transparent Need for Auto-Analytics on B2B Sales Productivity

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In this latest interview, Joe Galvin, EVP, Miller Heiman Research Institute suggests top sales organizations will increasingly get to top performance by operating with a higher level of transparency. They’ll have a sharper, faster, read than others on how sales practices impact outcomes.

In Joe’s view, this new breed of top performing sales organization will be agile, and learning-oriented. They’ll know that what got them ‘here’ isn’t necessarily what’s going to work to get them ‘there’ as they develop new offerings, enter new markets, or hire new sales reps. They’ll be constantly evolving their ‘best practices’. They won’t be focused on ‘getting up to speed’. They’ll be ‘performing at speed’.

In such top performing sales organizations, non-obvious performance issues will be obvious for all to see. They’ll be a new breed of sales organization using the science of auto-analytics to continuously improve the art of effective sales practices. Theirs will be a ‘team’ effort at improving performance, provoked with transparency, and nurtured with coaching.

We’re proud to be a part of making it happen, in sales organizations determined to see it happen.

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