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Making What Counts Really Count [in B2B sales productivity]

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Friend + colleague Anthony Iannarino notes that Reps can never produce results without activity, but what’s really key is that their activities generate positive outcomes. In my view, this requires that they see and understand how their practices are affecting their results. They need to see for themselves how little things, done differently, can produce better results.  

In this, auto-analytics have important role to play. Done right, they provide hard facts that help Reps understand the complexities of their own sales performance. Much like the auto-analytics produced by a ‘FitBit’, they personalize the story of how activities affect outcomes. They eliminate imprecision. They accelerate awareness. Such metrics enable Reps to fix little mistakes they couldn’t see, before. As Reps do so, they discover ways to create better outcomes more effortlessly.

The latest proof? This client’s results. They’ve earned more conversations, delivered more value in each conversation, and thereby earned more next conversations. All with fewer contact attempts. They’ve discovered how to do so, and it shows.

They’re making what counts, really count.

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