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As quarter-end approaches, reflections on what we’ve learned recently with implications for next quarter: 1/ ‘WHY’ IS THE KEY TO GAINING ACCESS In general, we’re seeing vendors with a sharply defined WHY gain access to new leads faster, and more … Continue reading

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In this podcast, Steven Forth and I discuss our respective takes on the importance of improving the effectiveness of sales conversations and pricing negotations.  This includes the importance of uncovering buyer value in improving both. We also discuss some of … Continue reading

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Ok. A confession. I’m in the tool business, yet I generally hate business tools. For the most part, I’ve found over the course of my career that they’re generally over-hyped in terms of their contribution to my productivity and way more … Continue reading

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Conversations have always been a key to my career success. Since 1981, I’ve used keyboards to support conversations, often with folks working a long distance from Vancouver. Email and other forms of on-line messaging became a way of conversing with … Continue reading

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A client recently shared with other CEO’s his latest impressions of amacus: in June, his sales team hit their numbers for December. It’s an example of what happens when there’s a paradigm shift in enabling sales productivity towards a model … Continue reading

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