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Buyer-Guided Business Development

CHALLENGES + CAPABILITIES : Finding new customers is hard work. For firms selling new products,
or into new markets, or with the help of new sales hires, that hard work is fraught with challenges.
Our buyer-guided approach eliminates these common Bus Dev challenges.

Amacus + CustomerCentric Selling® offer a combined approach that lets best practices evolve
from using buyer-centric methods, with fast metrics on the buyer impacts of Bus Dev efforts, and
situational coaching to improve practices. Sales managers gain an early adopter
advantage that is the Moneyball future of B2B sales management.


GETTING STARTED : model the impacts of small lifts in your sales performance.
See, with our help, the potential impacts of faster on-boarding of new hires vs.
narrowing performance gaps on your team vs. a small lift in overall results.


Pilot projects are led by John Holland whose books have been rated as 2 of the top 5 essential books on understanding Sales 2.0 and John Cousineau whose firm's product, Amacus, won the Gold Medal in 2011 from Top Sales and Marketing Awards for 'Top Selling Solution'.




Our 5 Ingredients for Buyer-Guided Sales Performance ...