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Common Business Development Challenges

Common challenges that impede success, and the capabiities of our approach [Buyer-Guided Business Development]:

Sellers call low and focus on product – Sales conversations with buyers who cannot spend unbudgeted funds rarely lead anwhere.Sellers get guidance on executive titles and business issues to target.

Each seller does bus dev their own way – It is virtually impossible to coach sellers whose approaches vary significantly. Sellers get a framework that allows the impact of buyer interactions to be captured. Process makes success repeatable.

Most sellers give up after 3 attempts – An AMA study showed on average it takes 7.2 attempts to reach an executive. A defined process with metrics improves results by showing the optimal number of contacts worth making.

Sellers don't know what to say to an executive in 20 seconds – Scripts to begin conversations about business issues improve results.

Sellers’ messages are generic and product focused – Sellers leverage buyer-centric messages based on best practices.

Changes in messaging are ad hoc – When messages are modified, managers get real time feedback on buyer reactions. This lets best practices constantly evolve.

Sellers have trouble assessing when prospects are interested and when to follow up – Sellers can embed links in emails to collateral and be notified when prospects click to access the information provided.

Managers struggle to determine activity vs. progress – Based upon buyer reactions to sales practices measured by our process, managers get a Return-on-Effort [ROE] calculation showing the progress sellers are making with their prospects.

Managers struggle to mentor and coach – By comparing the ROE of salespeople, managers can identify coachable moments and share best practices based upon buyer reactions.




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