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Amacus improves the art of selling using science. It makes execution mistakes easier to see and fix using automatic metrics from the workflow of Bus Dev activities.
John Holland, CustomerCentric Selling
Amacus helps salespeople improve their performance by constantly seeing for themselves what's working and what isn't, learning from their mistakes, and discovering how their practices affect the results they get. This is a REALLY important approach.
Jill Konrath, Speaker + Author, SNAP Selling
Amacus facilitates relationships between buyers + sellers by eliminating mundane tasks then giving Reps more calories with which to think things through.
Christian Maurer, Member, Global Sales Council
Amacus solves part of the sales and marketing alignment problem. It helps seed and engender relationships with buyers in ways which are very clear and precise. It just makes sense.
Kent Huffman, CMO, Bearcom Wireless
Sales Reps can’t get to bat often enough. Amacus gets them to the plate more often, and then lets batting coaches spot small changes which, when practiced, improve a Rep’s on-base %.
Tibor Shanto, Principal, Renbor Sales Solutions
Many products give Reps feedback on which prospects are reading what materials. What’s unusual about Amacus is that it diagnoses the cadence of the overall process. Amacus optimizes the efficiency + effectiveness of sales activities, along the way to building the right cadence.
Lee Levitt, Sales Enablement Expert

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