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Simplifying Sales Work + Measuring the Outcomes

Amacus is the ONLY sales software that improves B2B sales performance by letting sales people and their managers see the buyer actions triggered by every bit of sales effort. In doing so, amacus uniquely shrinks the time it takes to perfect your best sales practices at each stage of the sales process. Its unique time-saving features include:

  • NO user manual (you wouldn't read it if we gave you one)

  • simple user interface with just the info you need to have helpful sales conversations with your buyers

  • instant alerts let you know when it's time to have another conversation with an interested buyer

  • best practices ready-to-use email templates suitable for each phase in the sales conversation

  • searchable archive of sales collateral for use in quickly answering questions and creating interest

  • a quick history of all you've ever done with a buyer lets you pick up every conversation where it left off

  • automated activity reporting, freeing you to spend more time selling

  • automatic, real time, data on the pulse of every opportunity, eliminating time-consuming guesswork

  • real time sales analytics let you quickly kill bad tactics + practice more often your best practices

  • requires no IT support nor any new hardware


How It Works

Unique Features

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