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Our Core Values

Our values define how we work, who we are, and what drives us in everything that we do.
They guide every decision we make. They're reflected in our products + people.

We value information, displayed visually, that lets people trigger exceptional business performance from the work they do. We eliminate information blind-spots which can limit how much value we + our customers can create. We're endlessly finding ways to count the little things that really count. By measuring what matters, more of what matters matters more. It helps us + our clients do the right things, the right ways, right away.

We're driven to create exceptional value in everything that we do, in every product we produce, and with every customer + prospect we're privileged to get to know.

MAKE WORK FUN: We believe it's easiest for people to create value when their work aligns with their strengths. When it happens, people enjoy their jobs and deliver superior results driven by their passion + committment. We strive to make work fun. It accelerates value creation.

IMPROVE, ENDLESSLY: We strive, every day, to improve our skills and value to others. We're not afraid to make mistakes in our efforts to be better. Whenever we fail, it's fast. We learn + improve.

DELIVER WITH INTEGRITY: Integrity is at the core of everything we do and how we do it. We value + celebrate diversity. Our business ethics inspire trust. We earn it from how we conduct ourselves.

INNOVATE, NON-DISRUPTIVELY: We trigger game changing business practices (what some call 'disruptive innovations'). We deliver them non-disruptively. Innovation involves change. Change is disrupting + risky. We're not. We work in ways which harness the best of what's already going on, then make a big difference by improving one small step at a time. We'd rather make small improvements in performance every day than a big bang all at once.


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